Monday, 10 October 2011

3 Tools for Highly Effective Quality Control Executive In Surface Finishes

3 Tools for Highly Effective Quality Control Executive in surface finishes

1. Coating Thickness Gauge – The thickness of a coating has determining factor to provide protection against corrosion, and to avoid premature failure of the protection by ensuring optimum coating thickness is applied on the metal.

2. Spectrophotometer – Consistency of colour is an utmost important evaluation criterion when we talk about the quality of all consumer products. Can you imagine how would a branded luxury car looks like when the front and rear doors colour are mismatched, in term of darkness, vividness or simply the colour value differences.

3. Gloss Meter – It is a measurement of how glossy or shining a surface finish is. Again we use this gloss meter to measure the gloss unit of a surface and to check its evenness of gloss.

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