Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Portable Instrument – TES-1365 (Digital Hygro-Thermometer)

The TES 1365 unit is a Humidity Temperature Meter aka Hygro-Thermometer.
What is a Hygro-Thermometer?
A Measuring Instrument that has the characteristics of a Hygrometer and a Thermometer. 

What is it used for?
The hygrometer portion measures the moisture content of the air to determine its relative humidity (RH).

The thermometer portion measures the air temperature to determine the relative humidity of the air.

This ensures users can pin-point the RH (e.g. vapour pressure, saturation vapour pressure, temperature & dew point) and its ambient temperature, at the same time.)

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< Unit Applications >

e.g. Field measurements, manufacturing, computer rooms, laboratory, storage, and environmental control.

< Main Features >
  • Portable, Rapid Sensing & Provides Convenient Measuring Systems: Dew Point Reading & Wet Bulb Reading.
  • Has Datalogging features, up to 15,000 recordings/readings (internal storage), with a temperature range from -20 to 60°C.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Portable & Hand-Held Instrument - TES 1319A (Digital Thermometer)

The TES 1319A unit is a DC/AC Digital K-Type Thermometer.

< General Info >

The unit Measures Temperature through Direct Contact of the Atmosphere (Air), Liquid & Solid Surfaces. By using Type-K thermocouple probes.

It can be Utilised, Indoor or Outdoor.

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< General Features >

  • Temperature Readings can be measured accurately, efficiently and almost immediately while user is on-the-go. (esp. for those in the Scientific & Engineering sector.)
  • Data can be recorded and stored up to 150 sets of reading. 

< Technical Specification >


For Product Enquiry on the TES 1319A, e-mail to us at sales@obsnap.com

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