Monday, 27 March 2017

What it truly means to ‘sell a pen’.

On 27 March 2017, Monday,

Our boss, Ng Shone Fone shared a story about a meeting he had with our sales team, last week, on 24 March, Friday.

One of our sales team member asked Mr. Ng, on how was he going to pitch the idea of selling a pen to a customer.

Mr. Ng shared on today's weekly meeting, that regardless on “When we are selling a pen, equipment or anything at all. It is all about gaining customers' trust and once that is achieve, the flow of doing so is very simple.

“We (first) show how we can come into an understanding on (finding out) what is our client’s application & purpose on getting the product. So that we can find out what is the best solution or model we can provide for them.

“Once the specification is done, (along) with the solution. Our focus is about providing our services to our customers while empowering them with a good impression (to remember us by).

“Our job is not to show what products we have for sale but to leave them with a good impression of our services.”, he stated and pointed our that we should focus more on finding the best solution/model to suit our clients’needs first.

Mr. Ng added that we cannot force or insist our customers to just buy our products and 'seal the deal'. He encouraged us that we should prioritise with leaving our customers with the knowledge that we care about their needs first.

Finally, we would like our dear readers to keep in mind that in order for customers to know the true value of one’s business, it is quite visible and noticeable from the way how we conduct our services. Always aim to communicate with empowering words and to show that you care.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

JS Analytical’s Commissionary & Testing visit (on Sesotec Metal Separator - RAPID VARIO-FS) for Mah Sing Plastics Industries, at Port Klang.

Mah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn. Bhd. at Port Klang.
On Saturday, 14 January 2017,

JS Analytical’s Sales Manager, Joe, had a Commissionary & Testing visit for Mah Sing Plastics Industries (MSPI), at Port Klang.

Joe was tasked to check if the Sesotec Metal Separator was working effectively and efficiently; as purchased from MSPI.

A image of  Mah Sing Plastics Industries logo, for reader's reference.
Mah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Mah Sing Group Bhd.

MSPI is one of the largest high-tech plastic manufacturers in Malaysia. They supply a wide-range of plastic products (such as plastic pallet and plastic container) and services to local and international businesses.

Before any part of a product is formed, all manufacturing industries will require the raw materials needed to create their range of products from packaging, electronics, transportation parts, household furniture, building infrastructure, etc.

The common raw material used to produce most plastic products are known as polymer (also known as plastics) but more specifically known as resin* to the plastic engineering industry.

*Resin: a synthetic (man-made) product made from the secretion from trees which it is later used in many known plastics products available today.

The two common resins mentioned below are also known as thermoplastic, a type of polymer that become soft and mouldable when exposed to a specific heated temperature and returns back into its solid state when exposed to cooling temperature:

  • Polyethylene (PE): helps with creating plastics that are light and soft. It can also be used to do decorative work on material/products.
    • Can be used to make: films, sheets, containers, cable insulation, coatings, toy parts, pipe & tubes, etc.
  • Polypropylene (PP): helps to produce tougher, durable and tear-resistant plastic items.
    • Can be used to make: medical equipment parts, toy parts, electronic components, pipe & production tubing, fibres and filaments, coatings, etc.

During this visit, Joe set-up the Sesotec Metal Detector machine and gave a live-testing showcase on how the product could improve MSPI’s work operation.

Sometimes there are cases where small metallic bits, parts or pieces can drop into a factory’s machinery e.g. that produce plastic material. This may end up damaging the machinery as it was not meant to handle, crush or mould metallic objects.

If the machine is damaged, the factory will have to shut-down their work operation to repair the damaged machine. That would mean a huge loss in production, especially if their­­­­ work operation is a 24-hour one.

The product focus on this article is the Sesotec Metal Separator - RAPID VARIO-FS system, a product supplied by Sesotec; it is a company that focuses on the manufacturing and developing of inspection, separation and sorting systems.

Product set-up on-site at MSPI, Port Klang.

An image of the Metal Separator unit - RAPID VARIO-FS. 

The RAPID VARIO-FS is used to inspect bulk goods if they have unwanted metallic objects. It is able to detect all ferrous (magnetic) and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) contamination (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even hidden within a product. All metal contamination will be found and rejected through the reject unit (as shown in the video below).

The Sesotec Metal Separator - RAPID VARIO-FS, showed a 100% result with detecting and separating the metallic parts thrown between into a bulk of black-coloured resins, for testing (as shown in the video).

For more info on the product, visit:

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Improving their Sales through their Experience & Dedication.

On Friday, 24 February 2017,

Two of Victor Equipment Resources’ staff had their sales compensation cheque ceremony, in our showroom under our office at SS15, Subang Jaya.

They were our Sales Manager, Samson, and Sales & Application Engineer, Jason.

Our boss, Ng Shone Fone, CEO of Obsnap Group, thanked Samson for his service, dedication & commitment to growth with Obsnap Instruments & Victor Equipment Resources before handing him his sales incentive cheque for his outstanding performance on 2016.

Samson receiving his sales incentive cheque from Ng.
After Samson cheque session ended, Mr. Ng asked Samson to share the rest of the Sales team on the start when Samson joined in the company & how he made his way to until this moment.

Samson stated that, “I have been with Obsnap Group of Companies for about 10 years; it was my first job and now I run my own business with them.

“I joined Obsnap Instruments as a fresh graduate on 2006. I applied for a job on Jobstreet and Mr. Ng found me as a suitable candidate and called me up.

“I still remember when Mr. Ng gave me a chance to join the company, I was very appreciative (of it).

“I didn’t know anything about sales, but Mr. Ng actually gave me encouragement: ‘You can do it and I will teach you on how to do it.’ He actually trained me up; bring me out to see customers, showed me how to do concording (etc)."

After 6 months, Mr. Ng promoted Samson into a senior Sales & Application Engineer, this was he when was more independent with following up on his own sales.

About 2 – 3 years later, “Because I graduated as a Material Engineer, Mr. Ng asked me to start a new product range (on material-testing equipment). I had a very hard (time) and big pressure, I told Mr. Ng my thanks for giving me this responsibility.

Although Samson said his thanks to Mr. Ng for trusting him with that responsibility, he did point out that if this project failed, he was going to leave that project.

Samson pointed out, “When you actually decide to do something and give it your all to what it is that you actually want to do. I don’t believe that you (nobody) cannot be a success.

“Why do I say so? I never believed that someone can actually achieve (an) exceptional sales(/profit) but last year, I did it."

How did Samson manage to achieve this exceptional feat? He told us during the meeting that he went through, went beyond and to the maximum until he told Mr. Ng that he was very tired, physically & mentally. “But that was the only way to stretch your muscles (and) because I have stretch my muscles, I can now strain (handle) bigger pressure.

“I had my moments of down-times like I was going to give-up. But perseverance gave way.” He added.

Mr. Ng then thanked Samson for sharing his story and said:

“You (need to) push yourself to the limit, (only then) you yourself will know, whether you are growing or not.

“I believe in the farmer’s rule. (You reap when you sow.) You sow more, you work more, you learn more, you do more; are you going to get more? For sure already, you will.

In order to really improve, my boss said that “The magic word is: Massive Action."

That means spending more time with improving your knowledge, skill-sets, having hands-on sessions (practice) and finding a way to solve a problem.

“We only have value, if we are able to solve customer’s problems."

Next was Jason’s sales commission cheque session for achieving excellent sales on November 2016.

Jason receiving his sales incentive cheque from Ng.
Jason was asked to share his story on getting this sales incentive,

“I think in this sales line, I have already learnt the telemarketing skill, the cold-calling skill but I still need to work on how to close a deal. Basically, it is just these few steps, if I can accomplished on how to close a sales (deal); how to understand people. (By knowing) how to communicate with this client, then only I can go to the next level."

Finally at the end of the ceremony, we would like to share with you what our boss told us,

“When there is a heart, there is a way."
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