Monday, 18 September 2017

GW Instek Products are unavailable under Obsnap Instruments

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GW Instek Products are currently not available by Obsnap Instruments


We are currently not selling any of GW INSTEK products as we are no longer a distributor of their products.

Keep in Mind that all 
GW INSTEK items on Obsnap's Lelong11street Obsnapla sites, are now null.


We are currently updating all of our e-commerce sites, so please bear with us for the time being, thank you.

Contact us beforehand / +603-5621 5786 before puchasing on our E-commerce sites.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Taking care of Customer’s Needs – Tensile Wedge Grip Repair

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(Left Image) Here is one of the Victor’s Universal Testing Machine Grip, it was used to test at the max of 200kN tensile test on a welded structure of a vehicle shock absorber.
Client from Automotive industry is using our Universal Testing Machine VEW 2302 to help with testing the tensile strength of their Shock Absorbers.
Victor Equipment Resources allows UTM users to request for Customised Grips to fit their technical requirement.

For Customised Grip Enquiries, e-mail to
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Victor Equipments Resources Sdn Bhd (1021443-H) specialises in sample preparation and providing various material testing equipment for industries that work with: metals, plastics, rubber & elastics, leather, textile, paper and electronics. To measure, evaluated and investigate a material’s characteristics such as: tensile strength, compression strength, wear-resistance, fatigue test, etc. (

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Portable & Hand-Held Instrument – PROVA AVM-07 (Digital Anemometer)

A Digital Anemometer unit from Obsnap Instruments.

What is a Digital Anemometer?

A Measuring Instrument that has the characteristics of a Flow Meter and a Velocity Meter. 

What is it used for?

The device allows users to measure the velocity & the flow rate of atmospheric wind.

Flow: the amount of wind coming from the source. 

Velocity: the speed of the wind movement.

< Video Showcase >

< Unit Applications >

It can be used for: 
  • Indoor & Outdoor Field Measuring 
  • Manufacturing & Production line’s R&D/QA that produce air-conditioning, air-ducts, air-vents etc. 
  • Weather & Environmental Study 
And for anyone who needs to study the velocity & airflow of the wind.

< Main Features >
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Has Accuracy & Sensitivity for low/high air velocity.
  • Has an in-built temperature sensor (K-thermocouple)
  • Memory of 2000 Records (AVM-07)

< Technical Specification >

For Product Enquiry, e-mail to us at

Available on Lelong: (Coming Soon!)

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Purpose of Coating & How to Measure it.

(This is a General write-up on What is Coating & How it can be Measured to Ensure Cost-Saving Production.)

 What is Coating? 

Coating is known as a layer of a material, typically from Paint, Powder Coating, Enamel, Electroplating or Lacquer, that is applied as a surface of a Base Material, aka Substrate.

 When is it Applied? 

When there is a need to add:

Or for Functional Purpose, on a Substrate.

The Main Consideration of Coating is its Controlled Thickness

 When is it Controlled? 

From Application Tools & Equipment like:
  • Spray Guns used by Automotive industry to spray on vehicle parts.
  • Paint Brushes/Paint Rollers used by Construction industries like painting on Mild Steel Structure.
  • Heavy Coating Machineries used by the Electronic industries to coat thousands of electronic parts.

And so on...

 Type of Applicants 

Automotive, Engineering, Electronic, Metal-Fabrication, Furniture, Paint, Electroplating and various related industries that has painting/coating process in their plant.

 Why must it be Measured? 

To Save Cost!

To Meet Technical Requirements!

Those who do not spot-check their coating thickness, may end up with Over-Coated or Under-Coated products.

Over-coated products means that the company will have to spent additional cost than the actual requirement needed by internal QC or accordingly to client's standard.

While Under-Coated products can result with premature failure due to lax of coating thus corrosion will happen earlier than its expected lifespan.
  • If noticed, products can be rejected and if rework is required, additional cost will be spent.
    • This may affect the company's reputation, for producing 'low-quality' products.

 Coating Measuring Scale? 

The measuring unit to measure coating thickness is usually micrometer (micron/µm) or a thousand of an inch (mil).
Do you think you can do it with:
• a Microscope? 
• With Your Naked Eye?
• With Just a Touch of Your Finger?

Maybe you can, but will it be Accurate or Efficient?


 Our Solution? 

For General Coating Thickness Measurement:

We recommend ElektroPhysik’s Coating Thickness Gauges - MiniTest 700 Series.

The Series provides Non-Destructive Measurement on

Non-Magnetic Coatings (paint, synthetic material, chromium etc.) on Ferromagnetic Substrates (steel). 

Insulating Coatings (varnish, enamel, synthetic material, anodising aluminium etc.) on Conductive Substrates (aluminium, copper, austenitic stainless steel).

General Video on the Product

Older video but with some info on Software & Data Transfer.

 Technical Specification 

Product's Specification, you can visit the link below:

For Product Enquiry, email to

(We have other models & brands available accordingly to various specification, just drop your inquiry to us and we will see it to that you are provided with the most suitable gauge for your measuring needs...)


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Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd (599642-A)
Obsnap Instruments specialises in providing total solution with distributing MeasuringMaterial Testing, Inspection & Analytical instruments, locally and abroad. (

Product provided by

ElektroPhysik is an OEM Partner & Obsnap Instruments is an agent.
ElektroPhysik is a company from Germany that specialises on Surface Testing Instruments, since 1974. They have gauges for: Coating Thickness Measurement, Wall Thickness Measurement, Pinhole Detection, Asphalt Layer Thickness Measurement, Cross-cut tester & Reflectometers.  (

Monday, 4 September 2017

Heavy Test Equipment - MERIDIAN Salt Spray Machine (Environmental Testing Chamber)

Types of Salt Spray Machines, from Meridian Instruments.


Salt Spray Machines are Accelerated Environmental Testing Chambers used to Test & Analyse the Limits of a Base Material and/or its Surface Coatings’ corrosion resistance.

*Corrosion resistance: a material’s resistance against its reaction towards adverse elements that can corrode it.

Base materials can be stone, ceramic, polymers, metals, etc.
  • Applied with the following finishing: 
    • Paint/Metallic Coatings, Electroplating, Anodising, etc.

Applicants & Application:

  • Automotive Industries - To evaluate how the vehicle’s paint/coating or base metallic material can withstand the salty exposure from fog/mists.

  • Marine/Shipping Industries To measure their ships/boats paint/coating’s corrosive resistance after long exposure in the sea.

  • Surface Coating Industries - To check if their coating withstand seaside exposure for clients in the construction industry (for building metallic overhead bridges above seawater bed).

And other related industries that would like to test the corrosive resistance of their products.

How does it work?

(1) Once the samples are placed & sealed within in the Salt Spray Machine, the user will set the chamber to produce a fog (also referred to as mist/spray) of salt water solution. 

(2) This creates a corrosive testing environment that will attack anything that is sensitive to corrosion. i.e. the protective layer/surface coating of the substrate. 

(3) Thus allowing the users to test the corrosion resistance of their samples easily and effectively in a controlled area/environment.

This process is known as salt spray (or salt fog) test.

(4) After the end of the test, the user will know which base material / finishing, provides the most suitable protection against corrosion.

< Chamber spray volumes vary from supplier to supplier. If there is a minimum volume required, users are expected to comply to all salt spray tests standards as stated and compiled by the supplier of the machine. >

The ASTM G85 is the Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing.

Other Related & Relevant standards include: 
  • ASTM B117 - Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus
  • ISO 9227 - Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres (Salt spray tests)
  • JIS Z 2371 - (Methods Of Salt Spray Testing)

Technical Specification - MERIDIAN Salt Spray Machine:

For those interested, you can access the following link, below: 

Product Video:

MERIDIAN Salt Spray Corrosion Machine by Obsnap Instrument

For Product Enquiry, you can contact


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Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd (599642-A)
Obsnap Instruments specialises in providing total solution with distributing MeasuringMaterial Testing, Inspection & Analytical instruments, locally and abroad. (

Product provided by
A Brand under Obsnap Group of Companies.
Meridian Instruments specialises in Accelerated Weathering and Environmental test simulation equipment. Besides providing a wide range of Climatic Test Chambers like temperature and humidity test chamber, ozone test chamber, etc. Meridian also provides equipment like: salt spray machine, UV chamber, xenon test chamber, vibration test simulator, etc. (

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Portable Instrument – TES-1365 (Digital Hygro-Thermometer)

The TES 1365 unit is a Humidity Temperature Meter aka Hygro-Thermometer.
What is a Hygro-Thermometer?
A Measuring Instrument that has the characteristics of a Hygrometer and a Thermometer. 

What is it used for?
The hygrometer portion measures the moisture content of the air to determine its relative humidity (RH).

The thermometer portion measures the air temperature to determine the relative humidity of the air.

This ensures users can pin-point the RH (e.g. vapour pressure, saturation vapour pressure, temperature & dew point) and its ambient temperature, at the same time.)

< Video Showcase >

< Unit Applications >

e.g. Field measurements, manufacturing, computer rooms, laboratory, storage, and environmental control.

< Main Features >
  • Portable, Rapid Sensing & Provides Convenient Measuring Systems: Dew Point Reading & Wet Bulb Reading.
  • Has Datalogging features, up to 15,000 recordings/readings (internal storage), with a temperature range from -20 to 60°C.

< Technical Specification >

For Further Product Enquiry on the TES 1319A, e-mail to us at

Available on Lelong: (Coming Soon!)

Monday, 28 August 2017

Portable & Hand-Held Instrument - TES 1319A (Digital Thermometer)

The TES 1319A unit is a DC/AC Digital K-Type Thermometer.

< General Info >

The unit Measures Temperature through Direct Contact of the Atmosphere (Air), Liquid & Solid Surfaces. By using Type-K thermocouple probes.

It can be Utilised, Indoor or Outdoor.

< Video Showcase >

< General Features >

  • Temperature Readings can be measured accurately, efficiently and almost immediately while user is on-the-go. (esp. for those in the Scientific & Engineering sector.)
  • Data can be recorded and stored up to 150 sets of reading. 

< Technical Specification >

For Product Enquiry on the TES 1319A, e-mail to us at

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Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd (599642-A) specialises in providing total solution with distributing MetrologicalMaterial Testing & Analytical instruments, locally and abroad. (

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Measure & Detect Colours of Reflective Surfaces with Ease!

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PC: Right-click on the image and select 'Open Image in a new tab', for a better view. 

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JS Analytical Sdn Bhd specialises in supplying detection, analytical and inspection equipment to industries that requires: metal detection & separation, element analysis in materials, X-ray inspection and colour detection, matching & formulation. (

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Obsnap Instruments at 15th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2017!

Receivers of the Asia Pacific Book of the TOP Recognition.
On 23 April 2017, Sunday,

Obsnap Group of Companies CEO, Ng Shone Fone, was invited to attend the Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2017 in-conjunction with Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand – Book of the TOP Recognition, in at the Grand Ballroom of Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre at Kuala Lumpur.

Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand – Book of The TOP Recognition.

Ng Shone Fone, signing his signature nearby to Obsnap Instrument's logo on the night before receiving the award.

Ng Shone Fone receiving the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand – Book of The TOP Recognition award with his staff from Obsnap Instruments.

Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand was one of the largest, most represented and recognised international business awards in the region from over 13 countries.

One of the Co-Organisers / Supporters of the event was 商天下 Global Business Magazine, the same organisation that gave Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition Article & Award on 2015.

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