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BACKSTORY: The 4 Elements of a Successful Entrepreneur – Black & White Edition

The creation of these two images was inspired from a story told from my boss, Ng Shone Fone, CEO of Obsnap Group. The rest of the story is below these two images.
The 4 Elements of a Successful Entrepreneur - White Edition
The 4 Elements of a Successful Entrepreneur – Black Edition
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I just found out that my boss, Ng Shone Fone, oftenly took the initiative to learn as much as he could wherever he was.

While on his way to the office today (24th Jan 2017, Monday), he was listening to a CD on an audio course regarding management and he shared this information with the staff this morning (see the images).

He even gave a really nice example on someone who he had met recently:

It was a story about a contractor whom my boss know as Wong. Wong was hired to do a small interior project at my boss’s own home, this was a week before Chinese New Year 2017.

The contractor was very friendly and very passionate with whatever he did:

  • From communicating with his customers.
  • To investing his work efficiency with an advanced drill, that has a vacuum system to prevent dust from creating a mess during his work, on-site. (View video, below.)

After he has settled with attaching the curtain to the curtain hanger, most would have just left and move on to their next work appointment.

But this contractor went the ‘extra mile’ to properly arrange the curtains to look neat & nice and even made sure that the curtains fits into the rollers of the curtain hanger, perfectly and without a problem.

The contractor placing the curtain onto the railing.

The end-result of the contractor's work

It is known that advance drills like the one mentioned and shown earlier are usually used for bigger projects like inside a high-rise building. Not like for smaller projects like just 'hanging a curtain' in a client's home.

Overall, my boss was surprised, impressed and satisfied with the unexpected mile this contractor did with his work.

"We would like to encourage everyone to go the ‘extra mile’ to serve your potential customers/clients in the future as well." - Ng Shone Fone.


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