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Introducing RSPEC DFS-R500 Optical Emission Spectrometer

JS Analytical's new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
RSPEC focuses on the design, production & servicing of spectral instruments, which allows users to do spectra analysis onto sample and materials that one desires to evaluate.

(Middle) Joe, JS Analytical's Sales Manager, was attending an Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) training that was conducted by our RSPEC Principals from Russia.

General Overview on the DFS-R500 from RSPEC:

RSPEC’s DFS-R500 Optical Emission Spectrometer is an indispensable tool for industries that deal with Metallurgy, Engineering, Casting & Foundry, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Education.

The instrument is used to do express analysis and grade identification on metals and alloys, aluminium oxides, soils and other ferrous materials. The product can also detect and analyse non-ferrous metal & alloys like sulfur, phosphorus and carbon.

Optical System:

RSPEC’s DFS-R500 uses a high-quality of optical system with a focal length of 500mm Paschen-Runge.

To ensure spatial stability of the spectrum, all the optical elements are installed on a stable platform.

Its light detectors are linear
CCD (charge-coupled device) arrays, specially mounted without blind zones, to record analytical signals from the entire spectral range.

Compared to separated spectral lines measurements using photo-multiplier tubes, CCD arrays provide virtually unlimited analytical capabilities for metal and alloy analysis in a single instrument.

Note: The average bench-top CCD units tend to have a smaller chamber (350-400 mm).

For having a focal length of 500 mm. This helps with getting the best optimal wavelength from every analysis, with high-accuracy.

Sample Stand:

The sample stand construction is optimized to reduce argon* consumption.

*Argon - is a rare type of gas that constitutes about 1% of our atmosphere and it is commonly used in electric lighting bulbs, etc.

The absence of the upper-housing and sample-clamp mechanism, makes analysis easier for samples with various shapes and sizes.

The spark chamber is easy to clean and does not need to be dissembled, in any way.

Its closed-cycled water cooling system, eliminates any form of heat coming from the sample stand.

The DFS-R500 also has special adapters for thin-rods & wire analysis.

The Spectrometer can analyse alloys such as:

Low carbon steel, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Nickel alloy, Aluminium alloy, Copper alloy, Tin alloy, Lead alloy, Titanium alloy, Zinc alloys, Magnesium base alloys, etc. 

Software Program:

The DFS-R500 comes with a very powerful software called the ‘WinCCD’. It is designed for data-processing and hardware control in modern atomic emission spectrometers, based on multi-channel CCD detectors.

WinCCD allows users to:
  • Record emission spectra in the full spectral range of the spectrometer.
  • Perform qualitative analysis on unknown samples.
And WinCCD also has, a friendly-user interface that is easy to use without any special training.

Product Benefit:

The long-term benefit of getting the DFS-R500 is for its high-performance yet low investment cost.

Product Origin:

The DFS-R500 is designed & made in Europe by a team of experienced engineers.

RSPEC’s List of Standardisation:

RSPEC has more than 25 years of experience in the field of elemental emission analysis.

For the development of their job-scope, they complied with a unique library of standards from:

MBH from UK, Techlab from Finland, IMZ from Poland, IARM from USA, CRIM & CRISM from Russia, and many more...

Other Spectrometers Offered by JS Analytical's RSPEC:

  1. DFS-R500V - has 2 sample stands than of the DFS-R500. The external stand allows it users to do analysis of the elemental composition of larger materials that may be too big or heavy to place on the standard table of the DFS-R500 spectrometer. The length of the cable allows you to analyse the details and assemblies of various shapes and dimensions.
  2. MFS-R11 - allows it users to analyse the deterioration of engines and other mechanisms, through motor and transmission oils analysis.
  3. MFS-R12 - is designed for different material analysis of powders, ferrous and non-ferrous metal samples of various shapes and sizes. 

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