Friday, 24 February 2017

Introducing ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest 700 series by Obsnap Instruments

What is a Coating Thickness Gauge?

Also known as a paint meter or mil gauge, it can be used to measure dry film thickness* (DFT).

*DFT measurement helps us to evaluate a coating's useful-life, its appearance & performance, including compliance to International Standards.

coating's thickness does not only determine its protection against corrosion, it also helps to avoid premature failure of its protection when applied onto a metal and non-metal substrates, like metal, wood, etc.

coating thickness gauge helps with ensuring if a coating's thickness is at its 
optimum state after it is applied onto a substrate.

The industries that are known to analyse the DFT of their products are Automotive and Coat & Paint Industries. Or anyone who needs to measure the coating thickness of a product.

ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauge - MiniTest 700 series are one of the coating thickness gauges, marketed by Obsnap Instruments.

(From left to right) ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest 725, 735 & 745.

The ElektroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest 700 series is ranked as one of the most accurate and versatile coating thickness measuring devices.

It comes with 3 models:

  • MiniTest 720 has an integrated sensor.
  • MiniTest 730 has a fixed, external sensor.
  • MiniTest 740 has a convertible sensor that allows users optionally measure with an external or integrated probe.

The MiniTest 700 series, facilitates non-destructive coating measurement of:
  • Non-magnetic coatings - paint, synthetic material, chromium etc.
    • On ferromagnetic substrates (e.g. steel)
  • Insulating coatings - varnish, enamel, synthetic material, anodising aluminium, etc.
    • On conductive substrates like aluminium, copper, austenitic stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

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