Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top Sales Award session with Jason Lee Jia Sheng

Jason receiving his Top Sales Award (November 2016) Certificate from Obsnap’s Group CEO, Ng Shone Fone. (MORE PHOTOS BELOW…)
On Friday, 10 February 2017,

Victor Equipment Resources, Sales & Application Engineer, Jason Lee Jia Sheng, received his Top Sales Award Certificate and his Top Sales Encouragement Reward, in our product showroom under our office at SS15, Subang Jaya.

The certificate was awarded to Jason for his outstanding service and dedication from achieving excellent sales on November 2016.

Ng asked Jason why he chose this job:

Jason mentioned that he likes his job because he enjoys the process of prospecting and handling customers’ enquiries, on his job scope.

He enjoys the moments when he sees customers face-to-face and whenever he goes through the product-learning process too.

The most satisfaction he got from his job is whenever he managed to close a deal with a client.

When Ng asked Jason on how he managed his work:

Jason mentioned that he did not practiced any time-management schedule. However, whenever he has work to do, he will immediately settle it first before moving on to his next task or assignment.

Finally when Ng asked Jason about his ‘secret’ to his success on receiving this award:

Jason said that he doesn’t have any secrets in particular, only that he worked for it and happen to earn the clients and sales, along the way.

Jason receiving his Top Sales Encouragement Reward from Victor Equipment Resources, Sales Manager, Samson Chong Tun Shin.

Jason giving his speech after the award ceremony while the rest of the Sales & Application team listens in.

A closer view of the Certificate that was given to Jason.
The lesson that Ng would like to share with our readers from this story:

“A farmer’s rule can be applied in a salesman’s career; it is that hard-work does payoff.”
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